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We are based in Barnegat Light, New Jersey. We are a small studio that offers Therapeutic MassageMyofascial Release Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage TherapyCranio Sacral Therapy, EPAT Therapy, Life Coaching, Lifeline Technique®, and Cupping.

We are open seven days a week, year round. Sessions are available in 60, 90 or 120 minute increments. All appointments are by appointment only. Lifeline Technique® and Life Coaching are available by phone.

We can be reached at 609-444-7120.

About the Therapists:

Linda G

Hello and welcome to BLTM, (Barnegat Light Therapeutic Massage). Proudly serving South Jersey for over 20 years. Graduating from Lady of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Healing School program back in 2000. I offer myofascial release, cranio-sacral therapy, epat, life coaching, Lifeline Technique® in addition to massage, to all those who are ready to receive healing and change in their life.

I found my passion for being of service with the fascination of the fascia system throughout the body. I studied with John Barnes, PT, an authority, lecturer, author, and teacher of the highest caliber in Myofascial Release. I also studied with the late Dr. John Upledger, leader, innovator, teacher where I learned cranio-sacral therapy. For the longest time my practice focused on myofascial release and dealing with the physical symptoms created by pain, inflammation, and trauma. The approach is extremely effective and clients report feeling better. However, time and time again I felt a sense that something was not complete, as the fascia was released, there is more… Back in 2010 a colleague of mine introduced me to the Lifeline Technique®. A pioneer of his time, Dr. Darren Weissman developed The LifeLine Technique® as an integrative system for mastering the subconscious mind. To activate positive, rapid, and lasting transformation, in your thoughts, behavior, and your body’s natural ability to heal. During 2020, like everyone, it was a challenge, and we had the opportunity to learn more and shift our focus deeper. I took the time to attain another certification for life coaching. Martha Beck has been someone I have read and followed for many years. Her Wayfinder life coach training was an eighteen-month process that was rigorous yet rewarding. I received my certification in 2021 and have begun to build the life coaching aspect of the business. Life coaching is a great addition to an already deep practice. During these times I was also trained in the use of epat to deepen my myofascial work. This sound wave device has added much healing to my clients, for many it has been a “game changer”. Athletes, those with chronic pain, post-surgery, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, scars, all benefit from this added treatment. I seem to refer to epat as myofascial or myself on “steroids”, when you experience a session, you will understand the reference. The results have been transforming and nothing short of amazing.

Along with all the hands-on services we also have added a juice and smoothie bar, Lighthouse Juice Bar. When clients finish their session, they can go out to our takeout service and enjoy an organic juice, smoothie or bowl. It’s a delicious way to end their session and fuel their body.

I continue to learn, grow and evolve by showing up every day and doing my best. If you are ready to begin or continue your journey, I am available to assist from wherever you are in your healing process.

Toni M

Welcome to BLTM. I bring a wealth of healing, knowledge, and calm to BLTM. I have trained locally at Body In mind, located in Toms River. Trained in massage and additional techniques like cupping, epat and lymph drainage to deepen the clients experience and healing. I find myself always yearning for more knowledge. I continue to seek education to deepen my knowledge base and educate my hands to find restrictions and adhesions so that the clients can find relief throughout their session. I originally started my practice a bit north of LBI in a small town but felt the need to be down at the beach bringing healing to both myself, my family and all those that I serve. When my colleague and friend told me of her vision to create a healing and wellness studio in Barnegat Light, I was all in. It was a big undertaking, but I was used to big projects coming from big chain retail manager and regional bosses always expecting more of everything from my stores. I always rose to the occasions and for over twenty years my stores were always top performers. My experience owning and operating a small deli for ten years also taught me to organize, prioritize and know my customer base. These skills came in very handy to help create the studio along with the addition of the juice bar. In addition to my technical skills and business knowledge I was very drawn to the modality of lymph drainage. The thought of being able to clear our lymph system with light hands-on technique to bring balance and wellness to people going through traumatic life challenges, intrigued me. I started the journey of learning lymph drainage back in 2020 when the world shut down. I added this to the practice and have found success and satisfaction helping those clients that experience swelling or discomfort from any illness that blocks the lymphatic system. In addition, we also have added epat to the office. This machine produces sound waves and is directly applied to the area of discomfort which adds additional healing to the clients.

Most of my clients come for relaxation and a bit of tension relief whether it be neck, back or shoulders. However, having epat, cupping and lymph drainage as added modalities it has helped many clients move through some tough phases of their life. I will continue to educate myself and keep adding knowledge and experience to bring to my clients. This is such a great place, and I am happy to be here serving all who seek my service.


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Melanie Ponte

Client, Loveladies, NJ

Earlier this year, I had a knee replacement. Three months in - I was still experiencing excruciating pain and swelling in both my knee and my ankle. My husband and I came down to the shore to check on our summer home. The ride in the car made the swelling worse and very uncomfortable.
My husband saw BL Therapeutic Massage. He called and we were fortunate to get in.

Fifteen minutes on the table and the relief I felt was literally life changing! I was hooked. After one hour, I walked out with a sense of hope. Toni is amazing. Her demeanor relaxed me immediately. She explained the purpose of each technique and talked me through the the feelings of frustration and anxiety. I honestly cannot say enough about Toni. Now we take trips down the shore just to go see Toni and get her phenomenal massage. Today, thanks to Toni I am doing great. I continue to get massages on a regular basis. Thank you Toni - you are truly gifted.

Sarah Keating

Owner, Phoenix Salon and Spa

"Linda and her myofascial techniques saved me from having a surgery on 2 levels in my neck. After having been in severe pain for almost 2 years, and having surgery scheduled at the University of Pennsylvania, Linda was recommended to me by a colleague.

I had tried pain killers, physical therapy, numerous types of injections, steroids, dry needling, accupuncture, and anything else I could do to alleviate the constant pain. Nothing worked. The doctors (and there were many....), all said surgery was my only option.

I was very uncomfortable with anyone touching my neck but after having met Linda and hearing of her own neck issues and prior surgeries, I agreed to a 2-week program of intensive myofascial work. While it was a major commitment of time and money, I was desperate to avoid risky and invasive neck surgery. Her treatments worked and I have been "pain free" for over a year and have successfully avoided surgery.

I am in a weekly maintenance program and expect that I will continue with this program for the rest of my life. Linda has worked hard to balance my alignment and to teach me ways to improve my overall health. My husband is also under her care and is playing "A" level squash after years of shoulder pain that limited his activity.

As the owner of a salon and spa, I have access to good massage therapists on a daily basis at no cost to me. I choose the more precise work that Linda provides and pay for it out of pocket every week. I am most appreciative of all she has done for me personally and for others I have proudly sent her way. Thanks Linda!"

Sharon Joyce


"I have suffered from low back pain on and off for decades and have tried exercise, physical therapy, chiropractic care, medication and injections. Stress seems to trigger flare ups.

I began receiving myofascial release therapy with Linda G. Sessions with Linda have provided me with much needed pain relief. She is highly skilled at what she does and has a sixth sense about where to focus her treatment during my sessions. Her clinic is warm, soothing and inviting. Not only is she a highly trained therapist, during our sessions she is communicative, a compassionate listener and is well equipped to offer life coaching on matters affecting my health. Her approach is holistic and kind.

When my back was locked up in unbearable spasms last March, she treated me the same day, and she and her very kind colleague Toni helped me into my car, followed my husband and me back to our home, helped me into my home and made sure that I was comfortably settled in for the night. She returned that evening to deliver a walker for me and saw me daily until the crisis passed. Her intervention quickly allowed me to stop my dependence on powerful drugs which I was given in the ER.

I see her monthly now for maintenance visits. Linda knows how to get to the true source of my back pain. She has given me nutrition advice and tips on exercises to do at home.

Linda also has a generous spirit and continually gives back to her community. She also runs a very high quality juice bar that offers in my opinion the best organic smoothies and açaí bowls anywhere. If you believe that food is medicine, you will want to stop by in the summer to sample what is offered.

I have never been treated better, more effectively or more compassionately by any healthcare professional. We are extremely fortunate to have a true healer on LBI. I do not know what I would do without her. I am extremely grateful to Linda, a gifted and intuitive healer and all around outstanding human being."

Debbie MacArthur


"BLTM has made a huge difference in my life this past year. I had surgery on both of my feet, ankles and calves and the pain was intense. At first I was skeptical, but, after seeing the results a good friend of mine experienced, I gave them a call. Linda used myofascial release therapy to help my recovery. I would hobble in, often in a lot of pain and discouraged. Amazingly, I would leave in so much better shape, hopeful, knowing I was progressing. The surgeries were a year apart and her skillful massage techniques helped me during the in between. I can’t say enough to express how much I’ve been helped. I can only say, if you are in pain, give BLTM a try. I know they can help you."

Susan Blauvelt

Benée Scola & Company, Realtors

"I began Myofascial Release at Barnegat Light Therapeutic Massage. I enjoy working out and playing golf and as I get older, I am getting tighter so I went on the hunt on what I could do in addition to my workout routine. Linda has been extremely helpful in explaining why areas are tight and what can be done to provide relief which has provided noticeable results. Linda is the type of therapist that keeps thinking of ways she can help you before your next appointment. Linda does take her work home with her which is very much appreciated!"

Phil R


"Over the years I have experienced many different massage services. Very few compare with the excellent treatment at Barnegat Light Therapeutic Massage. Through my Therapists, Toni, thoughtful and whole body approach the pain and stiffness in my shoulder and back was relieved and my range of motion increased. Great people, easy to talk to, no fluff, serious Therapist."



"Linda and her team have been a vital partner in the successful recovery from several health issues we have had over the years. Their professional, holistic, well thought-out and caring approach to physical wellness has really helped our family on many levels. We would highly recommend BL Therapeutic Massage.

The Lighthouse Juice Bar has been a go to place for our family. We are so happy it is on the north end of the island. It serves only the freshest juices and we especially enjoy their focus on healthy combinations. We also appreciate the emphasis on organic ingredients. Thank you!!"

Mary Ellen Foley


"Linda and BLTM has changed my life!

I had been on a walker and oxygen for 9 months. I had never heard of myofascial therapy, but it is a life-changer for me.

I had incredible back pain…went to orthopedists, pain management doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and nothing helped. Then someone referred me to Linda…

In six visits Linda had me off the walker! And I no longer needed the oxygen.

Linda has shared other insights into how the body works and how to keep moving to improve my health. She has shared knowledge that has proven to be an integral part of my new health practices. I began to add movement, stretches, exercises, smoothies, and juices and found myself down thirty-five pounds.

Lighthouse Juice Bar at the front of the BLTM facility introduced me to the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables. Different knowledge is so powerful! I also purchased an infra-red personal sauna from BLTM that I use every day to rid my body of toxins and renew my health.

BLTM is a true find… try it! I swear by it!"

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We are open seven days a week. 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions are available by appointment only. During peak summer season, time slots fill quickly. Please book ahead to insure availability. Call or text us for information or to schedule your session/event.

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